How To Tell If You and a Guy A More Than Just Friends

A lot of women have that one guy friend they are more close with than any of their other friends. If you and a guy seem to hit off great as friends then chances are the both of you would make great lovers. However, how do you know he even feels that way about you? Maybe he just likes being close to you and looks at you like his sister?

Sometimes other people who see you and him together wonder if you two are more than just close friends. If you find yourself in a similar situation and you want to know if a guy likes you more than just a friend check out these 4 tips.

He Shares Deep Secrets With You


If your guy friend loves to share secrets that he doesn’t feel comfortable telling anybody else this could be a sign that he is interested in you being more than just his friend. People who are dating love to share thoughts with their partner that they would never share with anyone else. So if you know little secrets about your friend that nobody else knows, not even his family, you two might be turning into lovers soon.

You’re On The Phone With Them All Day


If the two of you call each other everyday and stay on the phone for hours having long conversation there is a good chance he wants you to be more than just his good friend. Friends normally just spend a little time on the phone gossiping and keeping in touch with one another occasionally, but it becomes much deeper than that when casual conversations extend way into the night.

Moreover, if you find that you and your friend refuse to end the call when you’re on the phone but not saying much or talking at all your relationship is becoming more serious. If he wasn’t attracted to you like that he would definitely initiate hanging up the phone to go talk to somebody he actually does like, instead of being on the phone with you and not talking about anything.

He Likes To Be Affectionate With You

hold hands

If he is showing affection towards you by holding your hands, giving you constant kisses on your cheek, and wanting to cuddle up with you he is starting to see you as more than a friend. There is no way he would display this kind of affection towards you if he doesn’t want to be your lover instead of your friend.

He’s OverProtective of You


If he wants to be more than your lover he will definitely be very overprotective of you. Signs that he is being overprotective would be him telling you to call him when you have reached home, offering to walk you to your class, and always there to help you through a tough situation.

A guy that’s your good friend will definitely want to make sure you are okay and help you through tough times when he can. However, a guy that wants to be more than friends will always be there for you all the time, even if you don’t really need his help. Most of the time he will want to be there for you without you having to ask.

He Gets Jealous


If you can tell he is irritated, annoyed, or frustrated with you going on a date with another person he’s probably jealous because he wants you to himself. A good friend wouldn’t get upset that you are going on a date with another guy, he would actually be happy for you.

Even if he hears you talking about somebody else that you like he gets annoyed with you talking excitedly about another guy. If you find that your guy friend is behaving like this he is either too possessive of you or wants to be more than just friends with you.

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