How To Tell if A Guy Really Loves You

For most girls these days it’s hard to tell if a guy really loves her or is just trying to get into her pants. A lot of guys out there will try to do anything to fool you into believing they really care about you when they have alternate motives.

One of the main reasons it is very hard to really tell if a guy loves you or is because men are good liars. However, there are some signs you should look out for that can be dead giveaways to help you see right through him and see if he is genuinely in love with you or just putting on a good act to get you in bed.

The Kiss

Kissing is something that can help build chemistry between two people. The way a guy kisses you will also help you know whether or not he is truly in love with you. If ┬áhe gives you a long, soft, and passionate kiss and then tells you he loves you then this may be a good sign that he loves you. However, you can’t just believe a guy loves you from just the way he kisses you alone.

How He Looks Into Your Eyes

The way he looks into your eyes is very important in order to tell if he loves you or not. When he looks into your eyes is he staring into them with love and tenderness? A person’s eyes can reveal a lot so if you want to know if a guy really loves you it’s necessary to make eye contact with him. Look deep into his eyes and get a feel of how he is staring at you.

He Talks About the Future

If you got a man that likes talking about the future of you two together there is a chance he’s in love with you. No man will talk about seeing you in his future if he is not at least serious about the relationship he has with you and he thinks you’re special.

He Does Something Special For You

A guy who is in love with you will more than likely be willing to do something special for you. Most guys don’t know how to just come right out and say “I Love You”.

So another way they make it be known they love you is doing something special for you by giving you special gifts without you asking. The gift will show his appreciation for you and also it might reveal the real feelings he as for you too.

He Shows He’s Vulnerable

Once again, guys don’t like showing their true feelings and this is especially true if he doesn’t love you. You’ll know a guy loves you if he makes himself look vulnerable to you.

Any guy that’s willing to give off the appearance of being totally helpless while around you is allowing you to see the real him. This is where he’ll begin telling you his real feelings for you, which is a softer side you haven’t seen before.

You can tell he is full emotions and really means every word he is telling you. If you hear him tell you he loves you during this phase he is most definitely truly in love with you.

When You Don’t Expect It

When a guy is in love with you he’ll tell you he loves you when you don’t even expect it. The two of you could be somewhere having dinner and out of the blue he just comes out and tells you he is in love with you.

If a guy just out of the blue tells you he loves you then it is most likely true. In contrast, if you find a guy tells you he loves you when he thinks you are expecting to hear it, then chances are he is not in love with you but wants to get you in bed. When you have a man telling you he loves you in situations when you don’t expect it he is probably being real with how he feels about you.

How He Hugs You

The way a man hugs you can say a lot. If a man is really in love with you he won’t be able to control himself when he wraps you up in his arm and begin to squeeze you as tight as he can. How tight and affectionate he squeezes you while giving you a hug will let you know if he truly loves or not.

The Angry Love

If a man gets angry at you and then during all this rage he tells you he loves you, then chances are he really loves you. Any man that can tell you he loves you during a heated moment is definitely giving you a clear sign that he has genuine feelings for you that he can’t hide. If he tells you he loves you the next time the two of you are in an argument or having a petty fight you know you know you really mean a lot to him.

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