How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back If You Want To

People break up all the time, but that doesn’t mean it should feel right that you and your boyfriend broke up. You are probably still in love with your ex and can’t let him go, or perhaps you feel that the relationship can be fixed because there was a lot of things that was said that neither of you really meant.

There is always a possibility that you can your ex can work some things out and come to a resolution after the split. If you are wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back these 4 tips can definitely help you regain that relationship you miss so much.

What Happened

how to get your ex boyfriend back

The first thing you need to do is figure out what happened to cause the two of you to break up in the first place. Sometimes the reason he broke up with you is out of your control like he fell for another female then there may not be anything you can do to turn things around. If this is the case then it is probably a good idea to just let go and let time heal and mend your relationship with him if it is meant to be.

Give Him Space

Giving them space is key because it will show them that you have moved on and that you have options out there as well. Eventually when the situation with the other woman doesn’t work out he’ll come back running to you because you weren’t acting like you need him and he realizes what he had with you is special.

If you try too hard to get your ex back and the situation is out of your hands you’ll end up driving him farther away and decrease your chances of him ever wanting to be with you again. If you feel like he broke up with you because he stopped being attracted to you, or the relationship wasn’t romantic enough then there are some things you can do to turn things around.

Your Appearance

If you feel your boyfriend left you because of your appearance try to think about what changed. He was attracted to you at one point so what do you think happened? Did you change the way you look in some way? Did you gain some extra weight? Whatever it is you feel changed the way your boyfriend looked at you when the two of you first started dating try to change back to the way he was used to seeing you.

Lose the extra weight if you need to, start wearing the makeup again the way he liked it, do your hair the same way you used to have it when you first met him, and etc.

Bring Back The Romance

When you are in a relationship with someone for a while it is easy to get complacent and forget how to be as romantic as the two of you first were. Spark back up the romance between the two of you by asking him out on a date, taking him out to eat, cooking him something at home, giving him massages, telling him how much you care for him, and etc. Show him that you can still be the same fun, exciting, pretty, and charismatic girl he fell for in the beginning and he’ll come back running to you.

Date Other Men

get your ex boyfriend back

That’s right, dating other men is a great strategy on getting your ex boyfriend back. When you show your ex that other men find you attractive and want to date you he’ll start wanting you again since men love what they can’t have anymore or what other men want.

This strategy will also show him that you aren’t worried about him and you have moved on as well, which will spark his interest in you all over again. Even if you aren’t really ready or interested in dating other guys you should at least try to make some friends with other guys. Talking to other guys will help you get your mind off your ex so you don’t end up constantly thinking, stalking or stressing over him.

Be Happy

getting back with your ex

Showing your ex that you are happy and enjoying life will make you look more attractive to him than if you were acting depressed, sulking, bitter, and angry all the time. Have you ever heard the saying ‘Kill Em With Kindness’, well this is definitely true.

You don’t want to be the spiteful ex girlfriend that tries to make his life miserable because you’re miserable. Taking this approach will only push him further away from you and make him not want to even think about reconciling with you.

In fact, he might end up hating you to the point where he doesn’t even want to talk to you again. Let the past stay in the past and move forward with a positive attitude. After he sees how happy and nice you are it will soften him a little and make him want to give it another try between you and him.

Don’t Chase Him – Make Him Chase You

ways to get your ex boyfriend back

If you want to get your boyfriend back one of the worst things you can do is start chasing him all over the place. Chasing your ex when he doesn’t want you will do more harm than good. If you follow the other tips above your ex will notice the positive changes in you and come seeking you.

Frequently trying to hang around your ex boyfriend and actively trying to get them back every time you see or talk to him will drive him farther away from you. The best thing you can do is make him chase after you. After some time has passed and he has some time to think about your relationship he will begin missing you realizing you don’t really need him.

Whenever you go somewhere and you know he’s going to be there make sure you look great. Wear that dress he used to always tell you he likes and wear your hair the way you know he likes it. Then when you two start talking again don’t bring up the past in a negative way. Instead talk about the good times the two of you used to have and try to keep the conversation brief.


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